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Student Success Stories

Sound Engineer
Moses Conrad Norman

​A sound mixer and boom operator with 18 credits to his name, Moses Conrad Norman got into the movie industry as a direct result of going through the Georgia Film Academy’s program. He took various classes which he says “teach you all the basics, the terminology, and the dynamics on set - all the stuff you need to know to be able to move around fluidly.”

For extra credit, Moses took GFA’s Lighting and Electric specialty course which proved to be invaluable. “That information comes into play when you’re a boom operator. For example, you have to be very aware of the lights and where they’re going so that you can anticipate shadows.”

His GFA internship took place on the set of Undercover Brother 2, working under Michael Phelan, an established sound mixer with a solid reputation from shows such as The Walking Dead, House Hunters, and The Big Break.

The internship “is a way to break through that wall of entry,” Moses affirms. “There are so many ways to do the job but I learned the right way to do it - an efficient way to mic up talent quickly; good boom operating skills; good mixing skills. A professional team took me under their wing and taught me everything, and catapulted me forward. I learned a whole bunch from them.”

Moses loved “the comradery and the vibe on set… and the energy.” He explains: “It’s cool what they do - they pair you with the department you would like to learn under, which I always knew (was) sound. It’s been a big part of my life; I wanted to surround something in sound or any facet of that, be it music, sound design, on set or location recording - you name it.”

Moses ended up doing all the sound work on a feature called Along Came The Devil 2. “I did it solo, I was a one-man-band; I was the mixer, the boom guy, and the recordist. That was a great experience because I was in a fast-paced environment and it helped solidify my chops.” After proving himself on that set, Moses got a call from Phalen with an offer to substitute for him on a project, which in turn led to other offers.

“I really do like what I’m doing for a living, especially as it grows and evolves.”

When he’s not doing sound on set, Moses makes music of his own. He is a singer and composer with a degree from the Frost School of Music in Miami. His style ranges from rock and metal to blues, funk and R&B, as well as classical and modern classical music, according to his Soundcloud page.

He is a fan of gaming, and is taking online classes from the Berklee College of Music in order to get certified in Game Audio. He watches plenty of anime films as well, and worked on a documentary about Crunchyroll, a distributor of anime products. “It was one of my favorite location sound jobs,” he wrote in a post on his website. “I connected with the content strongly as it was about the meeting of anime and music.”

What advice does Moses have for aspiring filmmakers who take a GFA course? “Make a good first impression, be willing to do whatever (they ask) and do it well. Don’t complain. Once you find that spot where you feel comfortable, stick with it and follow up with those people. If you are focused and committed, if you’re passionate - and that shows - then it will always work out. It’s just dedication and perseverance.”