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AVTF 2.0 Teacher Training


June 6-10

Funded in Partnership with


For secondary teachers who have already completed our initial AVTF Teacher Training, we are launching a new program: AVTF 2.0. Each day of this week-long training focuses on one area of film production to broaden the teachers’ film industry knowledge and enrich their students’ classroom experience. Topics will include set construction, prop-making, cinematography, post-production, and special makeup effects. Both the AVTF and AVTF 2.0 trainings are FREE to Georgia’s public school teachers through the GFA’s partnership with CTAERN and the GaDOE.

Registration Process

  • Instructors can sign up online by clicking the registration above.
  • Registration is pending CTAERN approval. Anyone who does not qualify will be notified and removed from the roster.
  • Tuition for qualified participants will be paid by CTAERN. Travel funding will be the responsibility of the individual and/or their employing school district.

For those who do not qualify for CTAERN Out-of-pocket registration may be done through the GFA directly. Please contact for more information.