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AVTF 2.0 Teacher Training


2023 Dates TBD

Funded in Partnership with


For secondary teachers who have already completed our initial AVTF Teacher Training, we are excited to invite you to participate on our new program: AVTF 2.0. Each day of this week-long training focuses on one area of film production to broaden the teachers’ film industry knowledge and enrich their students’ classroom experience. Topics will include set construction, prop-making, cinematography, post-production, and special makeup effects. Both the AVTF and AVTF 2.0 trainings are FREE to Georgia’s public school teachers through the GFA’s partnership with CTAERN and the GaDOE.

Registration Process

  • Instructors can sign up online by clicking the registration above.
  • Registration is pending CTAERN approval. Anyone who does not qualify will be notified and removed from the roster.
  • Tuition for qualified participants will be paid by CTAERN. Travel funding will be the responsibility of the individual and/or their employing school district.

For those who do not qualify for CTAERN Out-of-pocket registration may be done through the GFA directly. Please contact for more information.